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Labels 2020 announces a new product line and e-store for Tamper Evident Labeling specifically for food packaging at

Restaurateurs, Food Preparers, and Packagers desiring to improve the safeguarding and protection of their food have long faced a significant challenge when it comes to the use of a pressure sensitive/adhesive label – that is the label bonding tightly enough to the many packaging substrates utilized to offer an effective level of evidence if removal is attempted.

The chemistry formulation of adhesives and the interaction with substrate materials and their energy along with other variables such as application and service temperature are significant factors.

Labels 2020 is pleased to announce the development of paper and film label stocks and adhesives formulated to bond tightly to an array of packaging materials while also providing significant evidence of removal/undesired tampering. The label stocks perform well in temperatures ranging from 35 – 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

A proprietary construction is also available which includes a caution message when the label is removed from many substrates offering additional protection.

Additional information can be obtained at or
[email protected].